To Mayor and Council of Colwood Re: COLWOOD WATERFRONT PLAN

Esquimalt Lagoon Beachgoers

September 10, 2021

Mayor and Council, Colwood


This letter is to let you know that the board of the Victoria Natural History Society has reviewed the
draft plans for the Colwood waterfront. While we recognize that there is pressure to exploit the
waterfront for recreation, particularly with a growing population, we are concerned about overuse and
abuse. The Esquimalt Lagoon and its federal Migratory Bird Sanctuary are particularly sensitive
ecological features of southern Vancouver Island. Shorebirds and other birds need appropriate spaces,
particularly in migration, with the least possible human presence.

The plan recognizes the compelling need to manage the area traffic calming measures and steering
people onto paths, for instance and mitigate the damage, but it does nothing to discourage people
who might not be sensitive to the critical nature of the lagoon from frequenting the area. We are
particularly concerned with increased infrastructure such as a canoe launch and a viewing platform
into the Lagoon, and washrooms and other facilities near the bridge.

We like that you plan to focus food trucks and entertainment at Pithouse Park and, in time, at Royal
Beach. However, we ask that there be a moratorium on food trucks and other intensive activities until
the other areas are developed.

On two other points: The VNHS is hearing from a lot of our members that they are concerned, even
alarmed, at the plans for the Colwood waterfront. And finally, we have heard that the survey
concerning the waterfront is frustratingly difficult to access.


Philip Lambert

Victoria Natural History Society