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Victoria Natural History Society
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You can contact the VNHS by mail at:

Victoria Natural History Society
P.O.Box 24061, Royal Oak
Victoria, BC, V8Z 7E7

or contact one of our directors:

The 2023-2024 Victoria Natural History Society Board of Directors are:


PRESIDENT: Rick Searle, president(at)vicnhs(dot)bc (dot)ca
TREASURER: Gordon Hart, 250-721-1264, treasurer (at)vicnhs(dot)bc(dot)ca
SECRETARY: Sherry Kirkvold, secretary(at)vicnhs(dot)bc(dot)ca

Directors and Committees

Jim Cuthbert, 250-896-6379, jimcuthbert33(at)gmail(dot)com (Swan Lake Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary Representative)
Gail Harcombe 250-652-3508, publications(at)vicnhs(dot)bc(dot)ca (Publications)
Vicki Metcalfe, volunteers(at)vicnhs(dot)bc)dot)ca (Volunteer Coordinator)
Rick Searle, rick.searle(at)gmail(dot)com (Publicity)
Liz Turner, schoolprograms(at)vicnhs(dot)bc(dot)ca (Schools Program)
Ken Walker, aljeke3(at)gmail)dot)com (BC Nature Representative)

Directors at Large

Gaylia Lassner 250-858-5373, gaylialassner(at)gmail.com
Stephen Ruttan, 250-472-2406

Committee (not on the Board)

Claudia Copley, membership(at)vicnhs(dot)bc(dot)ca (Membership)

Presentation Hosts

Marine Night: Heidi Gartner, marinenight(at)vicnhs.bc.ca
Botany Night: Kristen and James Miskelly 250-544-0455, botanynight(at)vicnhs.bc.ca
Natural History Night: Stephanie Weinstein 250-686-7609, naturalhistorynight(at)vicnhs.bc.ca
Birders’ Night: Ann Nightingale 250-514-6450, birdersnight(at)vicnhs.bc.ca