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Resolution 2020-001 – Ecological Reserves System of British Columbia

Submitted by Philip Lambert,

President of the Victoria Natural History Society

Updated Version Prepared by Jenny Feick for the Friends of Ecological Reserves 

WHEREAS in 1971, the British Columbia Legislature gave unanimous approval to the Ecological  Reserve Act, thus becoming the first province in Canada to formalize, acknowledge the benefits  of, and give permanent protected status to ecological reserves; and

WHEREAS the Ecological Reserve Act of 1971 enabled the creation of 148 Ecological Reserves  across B.C. as part of a Protected Area system specifically to protect representative examples of  the ecosystem types in B.C. as well as rare species and special features of biological and  geological importance, for scientific study and educational purposes; and

WHEREAS, the BC Government holds primary stewardship responsibility for the B.C. Protected  Areas system, including Ecological Reserves, and that all British Columbians currently derive  economic, social, cultural, health and environmental benefits from these areas; and

WHEREAS an assessment of the condition of existing reserves in 2005 raised “concerns that the  ecological values of many individual reserves are at significant risk and a more proactive  approach to managing the reserves is required to reverse this trend.”

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Letter to Saanich Council re: Restoration of Panama Flats Wetland

Oct. 23, 2020

Mayor and Council
District of Saanich
770 Vernon Ave.
Victoria, BC, V8X 2W7

Re: Restoration of Panama Flats Wetland

Dear Saanich Mayor and Council,

On behalf of the Victoria Natural History Society, I’m writing to let you know of our Society’s concern regarding the management of Panama Flats. We recognize that Panama Flats are zoned for agricultural use. While we wholeheartedly support the protection of agricultural land, in this location, the ecological importance of this wetland cannot be overstated. Instead of farming it, we encourage you to commit to restoring and protecting it as a nature sanctuary, similar to Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary.

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