Programs and Initiatives of the VNHS help everyone, members and beyond, know nature and keep it worth knowing.


There are many resources for birders and naturalists in addition to the field trips and events hosted by the VNHS.

Christmas Bird Count

The annual Christmas Bird Count allow hobbyists and scientists to monitor population trends and to get just a little closer to nature during the Christmas season. You don’t have to be an expert birder to participate. Novices will be teamed up with more experienced counters. You can help out by acting as a tally person or as a spotter. If you are more experienced, and are wondering about leading a team, we have areas in need of coordinators.

Rare Birds

Birders are encouraged to post their common and uncommon sightings to eBird.

Recent rare birds in the Capital Regional District reported on eBird

Recent rare birds in the Cowichan Valley Regional District reported on eBird

Visit the British Columbia Rare Bird Alert at for more information on recent rare bird sightings in our region.

The BC Bird Trail

The BC Bird Trail was created by a group of folks inspired by British Columbia’s diverse communities, the natural landscapes that surround them, and the migratory birds that nest in our regions throughout the year.