About the
Victoria Natural History Society
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and Board of Directors

Board of Directors

The Victoria Natural History Society Board of Directors are:
President:  Phil Lambert 250-477-5922
Vice President: Warren Drinnan 250-888-9328
SecretaryStephanie Weinstein
TreasurerGordon Hart 250-721-1264
MembershipDarren Copley
Schools ProgramBill Dancer 250-721-5273
PublicationsGail Harcombe 250-652-3508

Director: Paige Erickson-McGee 250 588-1635
Director: Claudia Copley
Director: Rick Searle 778-533-0266
Director: Vicki Metcalfe
Director: Charlene Wood

Committees and Representatives
Swan Lake Representative: Claudia Copley
BC Nature (FBCN) Representative: Gordon Hart 250-721-1264 / Claudia Copley
Esquimalt Lagoon Stewardship Initiative (ELSI): Vicki Metcalfe
Viaduct Flats Committee: Claudia Copley
Greater Victoria NatureHood: Vicki Metcalfe
Stewardship Committee: Phil Lambert
Bufflehead Festival: Warren Drinnan