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The Victoria Natural History Society (VNHS) formed in 1944 and currently has about 750 members. We are a volunteer-run organization. Members have developed their interest in nature in a wide variety of ways—some are professional biologists, others are students, most are amateur or volunteer naturalists. VNHS provides an opportunity for those interested in the natural world to come together to share their ideas and experiences.
The Victoria Natural History Society offers many field trips and presentations each month for its members. Note that while evening presentations are open to the public, field trips are designed for members. Guests may join for up to three trips, after which they are expected to join the Society. If you like what you see, please support VNHS by becoming a member and/or making a donation.
The primary objectives of the Society are:
  • To stimulate active interest in natural history
  • To study and protect flora and fauna and their habitats
  • To work with other societies and like bodies having interests in common with this Society.


2023 September 24

   Jeremy Tatum writes:  I am having some computer trouble.  I’ll be taking the computer in for repair, or else get a new computer tomorrow.  There will be some interruption of Invertebrate Alert for a few days while I sort it all out.  Keep a look out on this site and I’ll let you know when we are up and running again.

2023 September 23
First full day of Autumn

Jeff Gaskin writes:  Yesterday, September 22, there was a Painted Lady at the top of Mount Tolmie right near the Jeffrey Pine.


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