This blog provides an informal forum for terrestrial invertebrate watchers to post recent sightings of interesting observations in the southern Vancouver Island region. Please send your sightings by email to Jeremy Tatum ( Be sure to include your name, phone number, the species name (common or scientific) of the invertebrate you saw, location, date, and number of individuals. If you have a photograph you are willing to share, please send it along. Click on the title above for an index of past sightings.The index is updated most days.

2022 October 22 evening

2022 October 22 evening

    Mike Yip sends a photograph of a grasshopper from Nanoose.  He writes:  “When I first saw this creature flying by I thought it might be a moth. It had black wings with a yellow border and finally landed about 50 m away. When I finally got a clear view it turned out to be a grasshopper.” 

  This is the Carolina Grasshopper, often known colloquially as the Mourning Cloak Grasshopper, since it can be mistaken in flight for that butterfly.  

Dissosteira carolina (Orth.: Acrididae)  Mike Yip

   Here are some more creatures of the night, photographed by Ian Cooper.

Harvestman (Opiliones) Ian Cooper

Common Rough Woodlouse Porcellio scaber (Isopoda – Porcellionidae) 
Ian Cooper

Large Yellow Underwing Noctua pronuba (Lep.: Noctuidae)  Ian Cooper

2022 October 22 morning

2022 October 22 morning

    As Hallowe’en approaches, here are more spiders photographed recently by Ian Cooper.  Thanks to Dr Robb Bennett for help with some of the identifications.


Anyphaena (probably aperta) (Ara.: Anyphaenidae)  Ian Cooper

Theridion sp. (Ara.: Theridiidae)  Ian Cooper

Pimoa altioculata (Ara.: Pimoidae)  Ian Cooper

Neriene digna (Ara.: Linyphiidae)  Ian Cooper

Callobius pictus (Ara.: Amaurobiidae)  Ian Cooper

Metallina sp. (Ara.: Tetragnathidae)  Ian Cooper

2022 October 21 morning

2022 October 21 morning

    This morning we have an interesting collection of small and little-known creatures from Cheryl Hoyle and Ian Cooper, both in View Royal.  Most are unidentified and we hope that some viewers might be able to help.  Please do let us know if you can.

Brown Lacewing (Neu.: Hemerobiidae)  Cheryl Hoyle


Unknown insect   Cheryl Hoyle


Unknown caterpillar (Lep.: Geometridae)  Ian Cooper


Probably Spittle Bug  Philaenus spumarius (Hem.: Cercopidae)  Ian Cooper



Unknown fly (Diptera)  Ian Cooper


Bark louse Graphopsocus cruciatus (Psoc.: Stenopsocidae) Ian Cooper


Springtail.  Probably Orchesella villosa (Coll.: Orchesellidae)  Ian Cooper


Jumping Bristletail Pedetontus (possibly saltator) (Microcoryphia:  Machilidae)

Ian Cooper


Caddisfly   (Trichoptera) Ian Cooper

2022 October 20 evening

2022 October 20 evening

 Corrigendum.  On September 23 evening we posted a photograph by Gordon Hart of a grasshopper, which we labelled Trimerotropis verruculata.  James Miskelly pointed out that it is more likely to be  T. fontana.  Gordon went through his photographs of the same individual and he found one that showed its bright blue tibia, showing that it is indeed fontana. We are grateful to James for spotting the mistake.  We have corrected the September 23 caption, and we show the new photograph below.

Trimerotropis fontana (Orth.:  Acrididae)  Gordon Hart


Invert Alert has a backlog of quite a few photographs.  Apologies for the delay – we’ll get them up as soon as we can!


2022 October 20 morning

2022 October 20 morning

    Jeremy Tatum writes:  It is remarkable how common Thera juniperata is this year.  There were two at the door of my Saanich apartment this morning, and two at Jochen Möhr’s house in Metchosin.  Jochen also had two Epirrita autumnata.

Juniper Carpet Thera juniperata (Lep.: Geometridae) Jeremy Tatum


Autumnal Moth Epirrita autumnata (Lep.: Geometridae)  Jochen Möhr

   Yesterday night, Ian Copper photographed two weevils along the Galloping Goose trail in View Royal.  Thanks to Scott Gilmore for identifying them for us.  Romualdius scaber is quite tiny – estimated about 3 mm.

Raspberry Weevil Otiorhynchus singularis (Col.: Curculionidae)  Ian Cooper


Crusted Root Weevil Romualdius scaber (Col.: Curculionidae)  Ian Cooper