This blog provides an informal forum for terrestrial invertebrate watchers to post recent sightings of interesting observations in the southern Vancouver Island region. Please send your sightings by email to Jeremy Tatum ( Be sure to include your name, phone number, the species name (common or scientific) of the invertebrate you saw, location, date, and number of individuals. If you have a photograph you are willing to share, please send it along. Click on the title above for an index of past sightings.The index is updated most days.

July 11

2019 July 11


   We have an identification for another of the unknown insects on the July 9 posting – Lincoln Best and Annie Pang agree that Gordon Hart’s bee is Bombus flavifrons:


Bombus flavifrons (Hym.: Apidae) Gordon Hart

Gordon has another photograph of it:


Bombus flavifrons (Hym.: Apidae) Gordon Hart



  Cheryl Hoyle sends a photograph of two Rhododendron Leafhoppers from her View Royal garden, July 10:


Rhododendron Leafhopper Graphocephala fennahi (Hem.: Cicadellidae)  Cheryl Hoyle


   She also sends a photograph of a Painted Lady caterpillar from the Holland Polint Shoreline Trail, July 10.

Painted Lady Vanessa cardui (Lep.: Nymphalidae)  Cheryl Hoyle


Jochen Möhr’s moths in Metchosin yesterday morning:


1 Biston betularia

1 Cabera erythemaria

1 Campaea perlata

1 Clemensia umbrata

1 Drepana arcuata

1 Edonia commortalis

3 Eulithis xylina

1 Gabriola dyari

2 Hesperumia latipennis

2 Hesperumia sulphuraria

6 Homorthodes hanhami

6 Nadata gibbosa

2 Nemora darwiniata

2 Pero mizon

1 Scopula quinquelinearia


Scopula quinquelinearia (Lep.: Geometridae)  Jochen Möhr


Cabera erythemaria (Lep.: Geometridae)  Jochen Möhr


Clemensia umbrata (Lep.: Erebidae – Arctiinae – Lithosiini) Jochen Möhr


   Libby Avis tells us that Clemensia for our area has had a name change to C. umbrata – the old species albata was split into two in 2018. C. albata is now limited to the north east of North America. 


Campaea perlata (Lep.: Geometridae)  Jochen Möhr


Eudonia sp. (probably commortalis)

(Lep.: Crambidae)

Jochen Möhr


Pero mizon (Lep.: Geometridae)  Jochen Möhr


Hesperumia latipennis (Lep.: Geometridae)  Jochen Möhr


   Jeremy Tatum writes:  One of the needles on the Douglas Fir twig below is actually a geometrid caterpillar.  We don’t (yet) know the species, though it is probably a pug (Eupithecia sp.).

Geometrid caterpillar  (Lep.: Geometridae)  Jeremy Tatum