This blog provides an informal forum for terrestrial invertebrate watchers to post recent sightings of interesting observations in the southern Vancouver Island region. Please send your sightings by email to Jeremy Tatum ( Be sure to include your name, phone number, the species name (common or scientific) of the invertebrate you saw, location, date, and number of individuals. If you have a photograph you are willing to share, please send it along. Click on the title above for an index of past sightings.The index is updated most days.

2022 September 20 evening

2022 September 20

    Colias Alert!  Kirsten Mills saw four Orange Sulphurs at McIntyre  Reservoir today.  Below  are two photographs.  Kirsten also saw a Lorquin’s Admiral at Sayward Road, as well as the following dragonflies at McIntyre Reservoir: 3 Blue-eyed Darners,  1 Paddle-tailed Darner,  1 Common Green Darner, and 1 Black Saddlebags.

Orange Sulphur Colias eurytheme (Lep.: PIeridae)  Kirsten Mills


Orange Sulphur Colias eurytheme (Lep.: PIeridae)  Kirsten Mills

   Jeff Gaskin saw, at the north end of the Blenkinsop Lake bridge:  1 White-faced Meadowhawk,  4+ Blue-eyed Darners,  1 Blue Dasher,  and 1 Eight-spotted Skimmer.


  Here are more arthropods photographed by Ian Cooper at the same place as his Udea:

Helophilus sp. (Dip.: Syrphidae)  Ian Cooper


Honey Bee Apis mellifera (Hym.: Apidae)  Ian Cooper


Araneus diadematus (Ara.: Araneidae) Ian Cooper


Syrphus sp. (Dip.: Syrphidae)  Ian Cooper


Uncertain but possibly Myathropa florea (Dip.: Syrphidae)