This blog provides an informal forum for terrestrial invertebrate watchers to post recent sightings of interesting observations in the southern Vancouver Island region. Please send your sightings by email to Jeremy Tatum ( Be sure to include your name, phone number, the species name (common or scientific) of the invertebrate you saw, location, date, and number of individuals. If you have a photograph you are willing to share, please send it along. Click on the title above for an index of past sightings.The index is updated most days.

January 12

2021 January 12


   Erratum:  A slug tentatively identified in yesterday’s posting as Prophysaon coeruleum is actually P. foliolatum.  See yesterday’s posting for details.


    Ian Cooper sends a photograph of a tiny spider of the sort that I (writes Jeremy Tatum) used to call a “money spider”.  I sent the photo to Dr Robb Bennett somewhat apologetically, referring to it as “just another linyphiid spider”, and was mildly chided for the word “just” – for Robb says they are very interesting!  But he also says there are literally hundreds of species in British Columbia and they usually can’t be confidently identified from a photograph.  So we’ll settle for Linyphiidae – subfamily either Linyphiinae or Erigoninae.  In any case, we can all enjoy the photograph.


Linyphiid spider       Ian Cooper